Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pulling up

Savannah is moving right along in her developments. Last week she started to pull her self up. It started out where she would get herself on her knees, then by the end of the week she was on her feet. I can't believe she is to this point already how exciting right??? Until bed time came and she pulled herself up on the side of her crib, but could not get herself back down!! so bed time has been a bit of a challenge lately, but I wouldn't expect anything else.

On a different note. Austin has been trying to play with Savannah lately. Asking can she come on the floor now? Do you want to play sweetie? But making sure that she only has the toys he thinks she should have. It's fun to watch, she just follows him around laughing and giggling at him.

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danielle said...

Aaaaw. When Ellie first started pulling up she had trouble sleeping for awhile. Not because she couldn't get back down but because she was so excited that she could pull up that we couldn't get her to STAY down. :)