Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's been a while

It has been a little since my last update.

It has been a little over whelming here in the past week/2 weeks. Rob was away in Reno for work (and a little play), work, and training for the 1/2 marathon has started. Not to mention the little tykes.

Austin has been enjoying the weather. We are, or should I say were outside all day until about 8p. Bike riding, playing on the swing set and trampoline. Do you believe we had snow yesterday? It didn't stick but still snow in May??

Savannah is growing right along... Waving, standing on her own, 5 teeth with 1 on the way. She even started to give high 5's.

For mothers day we went to the Zoo. Everyone had fun. But we forgot the camera so maybe Aunt Mel could send us some pictures.

That's all for now

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