Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A run for his money

I do believe Savannah will be giving Austin a run for his money someday soon.

On our walk today we put both kids in the wagon (wanted to get pictures but Savannah was way past done by the time we got home). The wagon is a 2 seater that the kids face each other. Before we left for the walk I gave both kids a dum dum lolli. The kids were really enjoying each other and their lollies then on the way back we hear Austin cry out "awe" and getting upset (Rob and I were talking to each other), when we looked at the kids we see Savannah has grabbed Austin's lolli out of his hand and is now sucking on his, hers was on the ground. It was funny and I couldn't help but laugh I mean come on a 8 month old took a 3 year old's lolli and he didn't retaliate. On the other hand thankful that he didn't get mean with her. Such a good big brother.

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