Thursday, September 13, 2012


Savannah is working on her 2nd week of preschool.  She attends Tuesday and Thursday.  She seems to love it.  She makes sure when we arrive in the morning to tell me "I stay by myself, you go home". 

The first week was rough on me a little, but I was still so busy with the finishing the floors I didn't have time to think.  This week however, the floors are 99.9% done, the house is getting back to order.  On Tuesday I was able to volunteer at Austin's school and stay to have lunch with  him.  Thursday I got to run all by myself and cleaned the entire house.  I'm nervouse for next week, I know I'll get use to it, just can't believe no more babies at home.

She doesn't talk to much about her day but I am hoping as the year goes on she will.  Ama and Pap were here to see her off on her first day.  Daddy went to work late so he could go with me to take her in.  When we were taking pictures in the front yard She was so excited.  She yelled to Amanda (who was on her way to school)  I'm going to school by myself. 
 pretty excited
 She insisted on wearing pants...crazy girl it was in the 90's
 Her new back pack from Granny...anything besides princess would be crazy

pretty excited, daddy had to hold her hand though

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