Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Don't be angry

This is Austin's new saying when he knows he has done something he should not have. Rob was home from work sick Monday and by the end of the day he was feeling pretty good, Savannah was napping so I thought I would nap which left Daddy and Austin. Austin went downstairs to play while Rob stayed upstairs. When Savannah and I got up the 4 of us went for a walk and as Rob was walking down stairs Austin started with this:
Austin: I was helping
daddy: with what
Austin: cleaning
daddy: cleaning what
Austin: everything
at this point Rob was confused and he started to smell something in the air
daddy: show daddy buddy
Austin: don't get angry
Austin: don't yell
this is when we found out that he had taken the carpet cleaner for the dog accidents and sprayed pretty much everything downstairs including our bed, pillows, floors, and his bean bag chair. It is hard to get mad at him, we explained that he shouldn't touch anything that sprays and such. Of course this is mommy's fault as I left it downstairs after cleaning up JoePa's mess at 3am.

I stopped to get donuts for everyone on my way home from work Sat and we still had some this morning. which Austin asked to have one for breakfast and I gave him one. So when I was getting out of the shower Austin met me at the door with this:
Austin: Don't be angry
mommy: I am not
Austin: you will be sad
mommy: why
Austin: I ate all the donuts
so I went to look into the donuts box and sure enough all donuts were gone. While I was in the shower Austin took it upon him self to eat the rest of the donuts (or should I say take a bite out of each one).

He knows he shouldn't be doing these things but at least he is not hiding it yet? How can you get mad when he is telling you what he did??

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Melanie said...

that is freakin hilarious!