Thursday, October 1, 2009


Savannah is 8 wks as of Friday. And for the most part she is a really good baby except that she cries in the car the entire ride and nothing we do stops her from crying. And then there is the sleep factor. Up to last week she slept most of the time any wear you would put her as long as it was on her stomach (I know, I know). Then this past Sunday she decided to only sleep if someone was holding her and this unfortanitly has been going on all week. So yesterday she only slept at the begining of the sesame street show. So when we went to bed last night she slept good. So good that it was Robs alarm that went of at 630 am!! When I realized what time it was I sat right up in a panic for fear that she was not breathing threw her blanket off and found she was fine of course. I was happy that I got to sleep 6.5hrs w/o interuption once I figured out she was still breathing today she pretty much is doing the same thing, so we will see how she sleeps tonight.

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