Wednesday, October 28, 2009

hard to choose

Austin woke up pretty sick last night with 104 temp, we gave him medication let him have Popsicle and sent back to bed he did wake several time during the night after that but we were able to get him back to sleep. When he woke this am he was still complaining of a belly ache, when I called the doctor they said as usual he had what was going around and didn't want to see him. I just love how they can tell you what is wrong with your child when they have not even seen them yet!! However when she asked if he had an ear ache I said no and I looked in his ear with my otoscope that it didn't appear to be infected she said they could not go by that. Thats funny they can't go by what I see but can tell you your child has a virus over the phone!! By the time Rob came home he was pretty bad again so we took him to the ER. It was hard for me to chose if I was suppose to go and take Savannah around all that mess or stay at home and let Rob take him. I couldn't let Austin go and not be there so I did probably the wrong choice and took her and we all went, then when we got there we found out he did need antibiotics for pharyngitis. If the doctors would have seen him it would have made everything so much easier. The poor little guy is sleeping soundly at the moment we will see what tonight brings. How do you chose what child you stay with when one is ill and one needs you to eat???

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