Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter

Aunt Mel and Austin putting away the eggs after several egg hunts!!
An egg at Pap's house
Here he is excited that he found the last egg at our house.

We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!! This was the first Easter that Austin got really excited about finding eggs. Unfortunately Valerie was not around to share Easter with us she was visiting her grandparents and Dad. She just got back today and said she had a really good time. She must have been exhausted because she fell asleep 15mins. into the ride home.

Here are some pictures of Austin finding eggs. He enjoyed it so much we had several egg hunts, at our house, Pap's house and inside at Pap's house, many times at Pap's house. Aunt Mel and Uncle Bubba were here as well.

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Desiree said...

He looks like he is enjoying himself. Him and his curly hair, lol