Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Socks to sleep

So everyone in the family has a sock fetish I guess?? It started with Rob, he takes his socks off were ever he has fallen asleep, most of the time in bed (f I work 3rd then he sleeps upstairs and that's where I find them) and I usually have a pile on his side of the bed, I got so angry that I stopped picking them up and started pushing them under the bed figuring that he wouldn't have clean socks, go looking for them and be just as frustrated by the socks. Then a couple weeks ago I was in Valerie's room and when I looked up (loft bed) I found several socks in between the mattress and rails clearly taken off after she has fallen asleep. And do you believe Rob had the nerve to make fun of her for it?? I'm sure if the bed was closer to the floor I would have found them on the floor. Then today at nap time when Austin woke up, he was asking for another one?? I didn't understand until he lifted up his pillow and I found a stash of socks under his pillow?? And get this he asks for socks before he goes to sleep. I don't understand this sock thing since I must have socks on at all times... This really puzzles me.


Desiree said...

lol, and we all thought the dryer ate the socks.

Marge R said...

When Tom came home from his travels last week, he noticed a big lump in the middle of our bed. He checked and ... you guessed it ... there were about 5 pairs of my socks in there. I put them on right before I go to bed .. and I think I take them off as soon as I fall asleep. Must be a family trait.