Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Holiday weekend

We spent the holiday weekend in Downingtown. It was fun and busy. We had to leave early on Sunday so we could stop at Jennifer's then to Pap's camp and then home for me to work.

While we were there we dropped Valerie off for her Vacation with the Huch's. She is off to Iowa to visit Aunt Kim and Uncle Bobby then to Chicago for a family reunion. When she comes home she will go to the Outer Banks and then to Avalon on vacation with us. She sure does get to travel a lot.

I didn't take to many photos of this weekend, but I will share what I did take.

Austin played with Benjamin in the pool on Saturday afternoon, which I do have pictures of but not sure if it is ok to post them. They did have great fun, especially when Beam joined in on the fun.

After the race at night we went back to the Good neighbor day festives so the kids could do rides and watch the fireworks. I don't think we have ever been to a more expensive carnival. It was 13 tickets for $15. Rides were mostly 3-4 tickets per, 1 was 2 tickets.

Valerie was to fast I couldn't get her coming down

Austin first time on a big slide by himself, I was very nervous
Savannah and daddy in beams pool...temp of 86, something we are not use to

After the run

Best buds

Before the run

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