Saturday, July 31, 2010

What's new

So It has been a while since we last posted. It was a good thing Aunt Kim was posting or the blog would have really been abandoned. I will just do a little catch up and I hope to have some video up tomorrow.

Valerie has been home since Tuesday, it is nice to have her back. We think, well pretty sure she is home to stay. She has been a big help this week, and has been wanting to craft with me. She is just like a teen (I think anyway). I have to tell her to put the phone down...she is constantly texting. She wasn't home for 10 minutes and was asking to go visit friends. And she is really into making money and is starting to understand about the cost of things. She even asked me to start taking half of her money and putting it in the bank and she will keep the other half to use as she wishes.

Savannah is growing so much everyday, it is hard to keep up. She now shakes her head yes and no, says otoh (is that spelled right) and I am pretty sure Mama, when I walked into the room the other day she looked up and said Mama. She signs, more, all done, cup and just today she signed thank you, it was only 1 time but I am really impressed! She got 2 strollers for her birthday, we put 1 away and put the other 1 together and she has been walking all around the house with it. I really think she means to. She will go find it, pull her self up and go where she wants to go. It is so fun to watch her. She is in utter amazement with Austin and Valerie.

Austin just finished his first season of t-ball. He did really well. His last game was such a big difference from his first game. No whining, instead he would dive for the ball to make sure he got one. He ended up with about 2 balls a game. He is now swimming without a vest, jumping in the pool w/o a vest. And he is getting much better with time. He will say last year instead of last night. He is really excited to go to the beach. He is now asking me for decorations for his party. What a monster I created.

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