Sunday, August 28, 2011

Austin can tie his shoes!

This past week school started and it got me thinking...I remembered that Valerie was tying her shoes when she went to kindergarden, but Austin had not attemted to tie a shoe. Pretty much all we wear are flip flops. So I went on a hunt for the web-site I used for Valerie, and boy was it hard to find.

With Valerie, I tired for 3 days and then went to the internet and found this great web page. Once Valerie watched it only 1 time she was tying her shoes. I was getting upset because I could not find it for Austin. But after 2 days of searching I found it. We spent 2 nights about 30minutes without the video, then we watched the video and for the most part he got it!

We started out with him tying my shoe, then I got him longer laces for his shoes and now he is off. The 2 days he had school last week he tied his shoes. I go behind him and double knot them to help them stay.

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