Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The school year has began

This week was back to school week for us. I defanitly had mixed emotions about it all the way around. There were times where I could not wait for school to start and then there were times the thought of it made me tear up. But it has come and I know it will be a good year.

Valerie started Monday, and apparently it's not cool to have your picture taken on the first day anymore...but I will do it anyway:) She had orientation last Friday which was pretty nice. WE got to meet the teachers and do a trial for her first day.This is the first year the school is trying block scheduling. They have 3 classes a day and lunch. Each class last 2 regular periods, so she has classes every other day. I think it will work out nice and help with the homework.

Austin has his first day of school today. Only 5 kids went to school each day Monday - Thursday, then on Friday the entire class goes. It went off without a hitch. Except I was the only mom at the Boo Hoo breakfast crying. We biked today and will most likely bike every day from now on. It only takes us 10 minutes to bike and it takes about 25minutes to drop them off in the car. Austin's orientation was Friday. He got to meet his teacher and Rob and I got to spend money on PTO, lunches, spirt shirt and such. He really wont be buying lunch, but they offer ice cream on Friday's only and I thought it would be nice for him to have a little something at the end of the week. He enjoyed it, and talked about his day way more than Valerie ever did.

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