Sunday, January 1, 2012

Our Christmas 2011

Valerie and Austin's piles. Valerie was right in front of the tree and Austin's was off to the side. With our Disney tickets in the middle of the tree.

I kept telling Austin the only way we could go to Disney is if Santa brought us tickets. This made him pretty upset because he did not put them on his list and thought for sure there would be no tickets. Daddy tried to reassure him and said that he asked for Disney tickets for the entire family. So Austin Kept say...boy I hope daddy was a good boy so we can go to Disney:) I love the innocents
Savannah's pile
The only half good picture of Valerie
We had the most perfect Christmas we could ever ask for. I get pretty excited for the kids to wake up and see if Santa came.
Thanks to Granny my wrapping this year was painless!

This year we did an advent Calender that The kids all enjoyed. It was more of an activity calender, no goodies. The last week we focused on doing things for others, except Christmas eve it was our traditional open 1 present of mommies choice. Last year we did away with matching pjs and got ones specific for each Child. They were a big hit.

Rob mentioned to me something his family did as kids and thought we should give it a try. When I was growing up we always knew what pile of toys was who's because of the stocking sitting in front of the pile, so this is what I have always done. However Robs family always had the stocking sitting by the bedroom door, so the kids knew Santa had come. I have to say I wasn't sure about it until Christmas morning. Austin woke up first and when he came to our room he announced Santa had come because there was a full stocking sitting at his door. He never went in it, instead asked if he could bring it to us. We were pretty happy about this because it was only 630. Both Valerie and Austin brought their stockings to our room sat on our bed and opened them. This was great, it gave Rob and I some time to wake up, brush our teeth and gave Savannah some more sleep time before we had to wake her. Then she opened her stocking. I have to say the kids were all good and patient never in a rush to get down stairs. We finally started to make our way down the steps around 710.

I was very impressed with the kids again this year. It makes me pretty happy that they don't run down the steps and tear things apart. They kind of look around soak it in and then Valerie and Austin try to get Savannah into it. Savannah didn't need as much help this year, she got into it pretty quick. They all took their time and opened their gifts. I have to say it's hard when you want to get a video and still pictures and be a part of the action. I think a tri pod and better placement are in store for next year.
The most played gift this both daddy and Austin. They both really enjoy it.

Oh the computer, thank goodness...Nanny and poppy :) Whenever you would ask Savannah what she wanted for Christmas her response was a computer.
I tried to upload a video of the morning but after an hour it still said uploading, maybe I'll try u tube

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