Friday, June 22, 2012


I guess the easiest and fasted way to update so I can keep on track is to do each kid separately.  First up is Valerie.  What can I say except that she is 13!  I sure hope I was easier, but I am sure I was not.  I don't have many pictures of her she either likes to be the one taking the pictures or hides behind something when I am it at her.   I guess we are alike.
This year she had some ups and downs, but who doesn't.  She experienced going to TCBY, the park, friends houses after school, not coming home until supper.  Spending her weekends at friends houses or meeting them at the park.  She also experienced the normal teenage trouble.  Grounded, no phone, no friends, no internet, and paying off dept by doing chores.  She decided she didn't want to BMX anymore but wanted to try Baseball.  We could only get her into a softball league here and she chose not to do that, so this year she didn't participate in sports.  She attended Fruit Cove Cares for most of the summer and Bible study after school.
 My favorite picture of her this past year
 Cake she made me for my birthday, she seems to really enjoy baking

 She asked for red hair and I delivered!

We just dropped her off at her dads for the summer.  Savannah keeps asking for sissy and is missing her a bunch.     Once I can get a hold of her computer I have more pictures to post.

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