Friday, November 5, 2010


I know posting has been a little light lately, I will try to get all caught up here soon. We are getting things settled and the lack of internet has inhibited me as well. There are plenty of things to blog about, I just need to find the time.

So for now lets start with Halloween.

We were excited to give out candy, we haven't done that in over 3 years. We had just enough too. You no longer give just 1 piece of candy per trick or treater, it seams you say take 2/3. We took the little kids out right at the start, they were out for about an 1hr and that was it. I think it worked out best. We went back to the house and daddy handed out candy while I put Savannah to bed. He had a chance to meet some neighbors (who actually helped get Austin in school). Valerie went with the neighbor and her mom for a little and once I had the kids in bed I took Valerie and her new bff out again. I think Valerie wanted to keep going, but the other girl was done.
I didn't make Austin's costume, while we were at a second hand shop he found this and fell in love with it. We lucked out it fit just right. It was a little different this year. We were telling him he could wear anything underneath (except the underwear). He was so hot. He would take his hat off in between house's and then put it back up when he got to the next house. He did really well, he said trick or treat and thank you at every house.
Valerie chose to be a Vampire, well at the beginning of the night, anyway. She got too hot and she chose to be a goth girl by the end of the night. I told her I wouldn't give her candy if she showed up at my house :) I made the cape for her and she seemed to really like it. This is much different than her previous 10 years as princess. I guess she is growing up.

I found a pattern at Joann's for 99 cents, oh how happy I was. If you can't tell, she was a fairy. I think she had a blast. She want's to walk everywhere, but will only do it if she is holding someone's hand :( I made her a over coat to go with her outfit, just in case she got cold however it was not needed.

I hope everyone had a great Halloween


Maureen said...

So cute! Glad it was fun!

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