Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The past month

We aren't as settled as I thought we would be by now, but we are getting there.

Valerie seems to be lovin' life. This week is a trial run for her riding her bike. I take her to school in the morning drop her and her bike off. At dismissal she calls to tell me she is walking to her bike. I ride my bike and wait on the other side of the street (so she is not embarrassed by her mom), when I see her I start to ride while she rides with her friends. Yesterday went pretty well. She also found out that her bff from next door is allowed to ride as of tomorrow. She gets out of school at 2 except Wednesday it is at 1, does her homework and then most of the time is spent with her friend from next door. The 2 are in the process of starting their own dog walking company, I can't wait to see how this turns out when Valerie realizes she has to clean up after the dog :)

Austin seems to really like school. He had off for over a week and asked everyday if it was time his school. When he found out today he was back from vacation he was so excited he wanted me to drop him off at school first (not Valerie), then when I did drop him off he asked if I could leave him longer today. Before his break they did a little Thanksgiving show of songs and the parents brought in traditional Thanksgiving meal items and had a feast. It was really very nice. I was not sure how he would do in front of crowds, but he did very well. I have video, but as usual I can't get it to upload. So for now I have a few pictures. He really likes it when I ride my bike to get him, although I am not sure why since Savannah and him fight the entire way home. Austin seems to be real tired at night now, to the point that he will ask us if it is his bed time yet. I always laugh when I hear that.

still the smallest kid in class
Savannah has really started walking now, it's been about 2.5 weeks since she started. It is really funny to watch her try to keep up with the other kids. She still loves to eat. She sometimes steals food off of Austin's plate (I think that's why he likes to sit by her). Daddy has informed me we are done with cloth diapers :( He did put up with it for a long time. I have to admit it is much easier. I think I will continue to use cloth during the day though.

Most of the house is together except Savannah's and my craft room. Next is Christmas decorations and pictures.

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