Tuesday, November 30, 2010


We can't believe that this was our second Thanksgiving in Florida. Last year we were with Kathy and Dutch and who would have thought this year would be at our house in Florida.

Our house guest this year was Pap, Ama, and Aunt Mel. They arrived around 2am on Thursday and stayed until about 8pm on Sunday. It was nice to have a house full of people. For dinner, we cooked the traditional Turkey green-bean casserole, rolls, corn, we had crandberry sauce mash potatoes and gravy. I forgot the sweet potatoes since I don't eat them they were not on my mind...sorry. Everyone helped with dinner, except for the turkey. I have become very teritorial when a turkey is involved. This really is only my second turkey, but once I start something I like to finish it. Pap had to make the gravy, because eveytime I make it, it taste like flower, once again since I don't eat gravy I have no idea how to make it. Ama did her stuffing, we made ball and put some in a bread pan instead of stuffing the turkey.

Isn't she a beauty

On Friday we took everyone down to Old St. Augustine and had fun at the fort, shopping and eating. Rob and Pap also got to go to the golf hall of fame (everyone else joyfully stayed home) Saturday and Sunday I worked but only till 3. On Saturday Pap helped Rob take down a swing set and move it (we bought for the kids second had for Christmas). Saturday night Aunt Anita and Uncle Tom stopped by from their visit with Tommy. It was all very nice. Ama and Pap cook a nice dinner for everyone. And then on Sunday we took everyone to the Beach, it was really to cold to get in, but my kids just didn't care of course :) I think my kids were the only people in the water. The air was not to bad but the water was pretty chilly.

The week before Granny and Grampy came to stay of few days on their way to their house in Cape Coral. We as well went to Saint Augustine (can you tell Rob loves that place), did some relaxing and enjoying the company.

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