Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A sick house

We have quarantined the house!!

Austin started us off on Friday...Daddy walked in the door as he was getting sick ( I was a work, Valerie was keeping an eye on the kids for the half hour overlap). He was sick all weekend and finally felt better Monday.

Savannah started Monday morning when we went in to get her in the morning she had gotten sick all over. Not what you want to wake up to. I did take her to the doctors today, because she started to turn blue. It started at her feet, they were so cold and blue. It worked it's way to her hands and even her mouth!! I started to get scared. I had her bundled up with 2 socks baby legs, sweets, hat, blanket and all. Her lips turned back but feet and hands stayed blue. The doctor just said she was cold. go figure :)

Valerie was next on the 11 last night she came in the room and told me she didn't feel good. Then I got up to check on her around 2 and she was on the floor, in her words it was closer to the bathroom. I got her a bucket and sent her back to bed. On my next check I found her in the bathtub, she said it made her feel better. She might have been hit the worst so far.

Rob woke me up around 2-230 saying he didn't feel well. He at least came down stairs, was up all night getting sick finally fell a sleep around 9-11 and then off and on all day. He still is not feel that well as I right this.

So far I am free from illness, however I don't think that will last long. I am washing my hands as much as I possibly can but with Savannah all she wants is to be held and snuggled. I am just hoping it holds until Savannah is feeling better. Wish me luck!

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