Tuesday, December 21, 2010

swing set

Well Daddy did it!! Over Thanksgiving Daddy, Pap, and the neighbor went to pick up a swing set I bought on craigslist. It took them several hours 3-4 to take it down. Then when we got it back here it was up to daddy to put it all back together, WITHOUT a manual.

the boys having fun
This past week was the final piece. We had to keep going back to home depot to get nuts (wow, they are expensive). From the weather conditions at it's previous location (on a lake), the nuts and bolts took a beating.

The kids seem to love it, even Valerie. This one is a bit bigger so she can do things as well.

The piece Valerie likes best

We had to get a new baby swing (we left ours by accident). So thanks Pap!! It was Savannah's Christmas present from Ama and Pap. We had to give it to here a few days early, once she saw the other kids swinging she had to join. I don't think she will know the difference. But I think she was on the swing set for an hour straight yesterday. She loved it.

They even would stop swinging to push Savannah

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