Monday, February 28, 2011

That's what I get

So a couple of post ago I posted about it being calm here....well I should have known better!

Savannah started with a low fever on Tuesday of last week, no biggie I thought just a little something she picked up at the gym. Well as the days went on the fever got higher and a more misserable baby was on our hands. Friday came and she had a fever over 104 so I made an appointment with the doctor, they couldn't find anything. So the verdict was...wait and see. They did give me an antibiotic to use if her fever was still over 102 on Sunday. On Saturday morning around 4am she woke with a high fever again over 104 with seemed like trouble breathing, so off to the ED we went. A few hours latter, a urine test, chest x ray and still nothing. They gave poor Savannah an IM injection of an antibiotic and sent us on our way to follow up with the doctor today...So when I called the doctor she proceed to tell me Savannah had a UTI, upper respiratory infection and bronchitis. Why did it take so long....frustration. As I was leaving the hospital, the doctor was right on my heels. He never waited for the results, just assumed because the the urine was clear she was fine!!

Now on to Valerie. While biking Austin home from school today, the school nurse called and said Valerie was in the clinic with constant coughing and bad wheezing...panic set in, we still were 10 minutes from home on bike, no inhaler, and the nurse in the clinic is not allowed to do anything. We didn't have an inhaler because the wonderful doctors told us, if she has not had an episode in 2 years, they no longer consider asthma as diagnoses. Thankfully we don't live that far from the doctors and when I called they said I could bring her right in, instead of taking her to the ED. By the time we got to the doctors her oxygen levels were 89%...suppose to be 100%. So now she is back on her inhaler. We have to wait and see how she does this week, before we proced with maybe a maintenance steroid.

So there you have it....You will never here those words from me again

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