Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Austin is a biker

Valerie was videographer

Last week Austin saw a bike that he really wanted. Since his current bike is a free cycle bike, I told him if could ride his bike without training wheels than he could have a new bike. I thought he might try, but I didn't think he was ready. I was wrong.

We have been practicing since Friday and he picked it up pretty fast. The first day he rode by himself for a short time, I then got so excited and scream with delight which made him fall pretty good. It almost messed the entire thing up! But mommy's sewing to the rescue. I converted something I made to help Savannah walk to a vest that I could hold on to while he rode. Each day he got better, Sunday I was still holding on, but not such a tight grip, then on Monday I started telling him I was short of breath and I needed a break and I had to let go. Also a big big help on Monday I raised both training wheels on his old bike and told him when he didn't hear noise (the training wheels make such a loud noise), he was doing it all on his own. So the entire ride home he focused on riding without noise. I believe this helped him figure out how to get balance. On Tuesday he started telling me to let go. He still was not quite ready to show anybody yet, but today was a different story. Today he is turning on his own and really trying to start, but that is hard because he can't touch the ground (poor short guy). Today he showed his skills to daddy. We need to work on stopping, and starting. But we are all pretty proud of him.


Melanie said...

wow that's awesome and impressive! keep it up Austin! Val, nice job on the video :)

Maureen said...

Such a big boy! Hope you guys are all doing well! Miss ya!

craftedbymama said...

great job mom love ya