Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's calm here

I don't know that I should say that out loud, but things around here have been pretty calm.

Enjoying Florida, mostly settled. Starting to feel like home.

Austin is taking taekwondo at school. We bike as often as possible in the afternoon. On Wednesdays we stop at Wendy's for a frosty. He is king of parties right now. He had 2 in the recent past, 2 this weekend and another one in 2 weeks. He is on a toy story kick right now. For Christmas he got all 3 movies and watches 1 each day for his quite time.

Valerie has tried out for softball at school, we should know by next week. She bikes to and from school most days. This morning I got a call from the school nurse that she had been bit by some fire ants and was starting to swell. Only Valerie could get bit by fire ants the day after Jacksonville sets records for the most rain on that day. Last week she did her first outing without a parent. Her and 3 other girls rode up to TCBY after school then home. She got her report card it was pretty good.

Savannah is just hanging out with mommy mostly. We go to the gym M-F and she gets to play with her little friends. When we walk in she makes a b-line to the right, which is where the child room is. When she gets there she shakes the gate until they let her in. I like it because each cardio equipment has it's own tv and you can watch the kids in the room. Such a relief, I was watching her and she walked over to a baby swing (with baby in) and started pushing it. She wasn't being mean, just trying to give the girl a push. The ladies finally saw her and mover her away, but in the mean time I was practically jumping out of my skin screaming someone get her, before she tips the swing. We usually stay for 1.5-2 hours. It is giving her some time to interact with other kids.

Last weeks activity was a trial run for Austin's Valentines. The kids all enjoyed them.

Savannah couldn't wait until we put them in the fridge

not the best picture, we were trying to get a picture of the final product

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