Saturday, January 1, 2011

Austin's 1st long bike ride

After riding my bike pretty much all week (with both kids on it), I wanted to try and build Austin up so he could ride his own to school. My goal was to the end of the development, Rob didn't think we would make it that far. We also wanted to get him off his tricycle.

Friday before I left for work we had him all excited to ride the 2 wheeler that I got free off of free cycle last year. He practiced riding it in the garage and was waiting on my return.

So When I got home from work yesterday we set out for a bike ride.I asked Austin where he wanted to go his response "Wendys". (Earlier in the week I bike all the kids to Wendys to get lunch).

We all laughed and said "if you make it to Wendys we will have frosty's)! I went to get my wallet, and off we went, Valerie, Daddy, Savannah and Mommy riding up to Wendy's!

As we got further we kept saying how impressed we were, how proud we were. Wendy's is right before his school and his school is 2.5 miles from the house. We had to cross to big streets (which are clearly marked for kids to ride bikes). He did fall over about .25 miles away, but got up and kept going with no complaints.

HE DID IT!! I couldn't believe it!! We ended up getting all the kids dinner and milk shakes or frostys which ever they chose. Then we started to panic about the ride home. It was a little harder for him, he was so tired. Daddy had to help him along, but he did make it back. He is so excited to bike to school on Tuesday all by himself.

He was so tired at the end of the night, about 730 he said he was playing hid and seek and when he went to hide (in the corner of my closet, behind all my clothes), he fell asleep :)

Valerie is the photographer for these photos. It was good for her to practice her bike as well. Her new bike is a different style and bigger, she has to learn how to get on and off.

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