Sunday, January 2, 2011

How is Savannah

It was brought to my attention that Savannah doesn't get much face time on the blog right now. I had not noticed, but it is true. So I thought I would make a post just for her.

She is quite the character, very much like her daddy. She remains a friendly, happy baby. She is walking really well, even running at times.

Her favorite thing to do right now is eat (not any different from before). If you are in the kitchen she is soon to follow in hopes to get something. I have become a big fan of chocolate covered almonds, I have had to move them because she would go to the area that I kept them and say please until she received one. She does not turn many things away, the only thing I can think of right now are cherries. She has started to really like fruit on the other hand (we no longer have a goody draw). She has figured out if you shake the candy machine some will come out. Another big favorite is her cup, she has also figured out about the water and will refuse if to much water is in the cup.

She loves bike rides. If we are in the garage she will climb into the bike trailer. When I was putting the bike trailer away (after I got my new bike) she went crazy crying and throwing herself on the ground. She is ok now that she knows about the bike.

She enjoys the swing much more than the other kids ever did. She can swing for an hour at a time and still be happy. Saying wee

Savannah is still our Giant baby now in 3t however a few 2t still fit. She loves shoes and clothes. Brushing her teeth is still fun, we had to buy her a second toothbrush so she could have a play one.

She does get a little jealous of Austin at times. She Knows how to get him in trouble...she will hit him or pull what ever it is she wants until she can get it away from him. For the most part Austin handles it well and has never hit her back.

If you say lets go bye bye, she goes to the closet to get her shoes, then sits on the steps, you then find her with her foot in the air waiting to have her shoes put on.

We are still on 2 naps a day, waking up about 7-730 in bed around 730. If we go past 730 she is known to get her duck and go to the steps.

She is still picking up sign language well. She picks words up pretty easy as well. Her newest is Valerie. She says Yes much more than No. She is a very loving girl always giving hugs and kisses, sometimes we don't even ask.

I am sure I am leaving somethings out, but in a nut shell that is our little Savannah. We all love her dearly and are glad she is a part of our family.

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