Friday, January 14, 2011


So little Miss Valerie turned 12 this past week. I can't believe she is really that old.

She has grown into a little lady right before our eyes. I remember a time she would not wear pants only dresses or skirts and now it is the complete opposite. She rarely wears a skirt/dress. She would rather text then talk on the phone (but aren't all young kids now)?

Some of her favorite things right now include:

going to get her nails done or just painting them herself
biking with her friends
skate boarding
loves the Twilight series
night owl
phone (thanks Ben)

some pre-teen things we are dealing with:

won't complete her chores
talking back (with the Amy looks)
won't do her hair
doesn't want to eat breakfast

Our most common answer's to questions are:

"I don't know"
or just a blank stare

She has started to want to venture off on her own, like the mall with friends, walks, she asked if she could bike to Wendys with her friends as well. Rob is a little more lenient than I am in this aspect.

So I think we are right on track with the pre-teen stage.

Last week she had her first school dance (she might of had one when she was at her dads?). I was not able to get pictures because it was right after school for 2 hours. She was quite a mess when I picked her up (a sign of a good time I guess). I do remember her coming home on Monday saying that a boy asked her to go. She never answered him, but ended up going with her girlfriends. It was an interesting time, because up until Thursday she kept telling me she didn't want to go. On Thursday she blurted out she wanted to go, but had nothing to wear! So it was a quick trip to the mall to get her something to wear :) Now lets see if she will wear it again since it was a dress.

Here is a sneak peak into her room...It does bring back memories. We haven't painted or really decorated yet so for the most part it is still a blank canvas.

enter at your own risk!

unmade bed..not that I ever made her make it

posters on the wall, she has some not up yet from Christmas

Shelf with baton trophies

Her closet

lovely desk

and a view of her bff's house

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