Thursday, June 23, 2011

This was Austin's first time with his new racing bike. He did pretty well on it considering it is to big for him. We could not find a micro at a decent price so we went with a mini. It may hold him up in the beginning but, he will get the hang of it.

He is the youngest and the smallest at both tracks that we have gone to, but not to far behind. There are a good amount around the age of 5. Some are in his class and some are above him.

The week of this video, he got a trophy for his first time competing. It was a surprise to all of us, but we were all equally excited about it. The following week we were preparing him of the possibilities of not getting a trophy the next time. To our surprise he actually almost had a trophy, he lost it at the finish line. He stops peddling before the white line and the little guy behind him caught up. I don't think that will happen again. He handled the no trophy thing pretty well until Valerie got in the car with one. The funny thing was, he said "but her trophy is even cooler than mine". Because it was her first time and she placed, she got a bigger trophy than he did the first week.

He is excited for this week (3rd week). We are trying to prepare him for all possibilities so he doesn't get discouraged. When you ask him what happens if he doesn't place he replies, "than I jut keep trying, because I will soon."

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