Thursday, June 23, 2011

Valerie's 1st race

Here is a video of Valerie and her 1st race last week. Sorry about the time of the video, I have no idea how to edit and make them shorter.

The races are broken into "motos" each moto is made up of at least 3 riders in certain levels (Valerie and Austin beginners). Each moto races 3 times to get the top 3 to run the final race. The 1st person across the finish line in each moto moves on to the final race. When there only 3 people competing you do 2 motos before the finale.

For this race, they placed Valerie way out of her moto. Notice the other two are all decked out in "gear"? Valerie would not have been able to race and neither would the boys do to the lack of people in their level so they combined them.

I am sure I am missing some rules and such, but we are learning as we go. I know first experience, then age, and gender come into play.

She got a trophy for finishing 3rd and for competing for the first time. Each person can chose a trophy or stamps if you place in the top 3. Stamps are traded for money to use on the web site to get gear to wear or for you bike.

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