Tuesday, March 31, 2009

dinner with Austin

Dinner with Austin is never fun. Last night I made a really kid friendly meal (sloppy joes, ff, corn) and he still refused to eat, but this is every night. So I implemented a new rule, if anyone doesn't eat they must go to bed. I dont necessarily want him to clean his plate but I want to sit and eat dinner with the family,which we have always done. So last night it started when I started to cook dinner. He says things like I don't want dinner, peanut butter and jelly (which has become his favorite). We sat down and he had to go potty, so Rob took him as he was done he said all done dinner, at that point I said then go to bed. That is exactly what he did, Rob went to check on him and he said I go to bed, no dinner. Eventually he did eat but I had to feed him. I can't wait to get past this stage.

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Melanie said...

ugh! how frustrating! keep it up...you'll break him eventually. hopefully sooner than later.
by the way...i've been trying to find out how to comment on stuff and this is the first time i found it.
thanks for all the updates! i love it!!!