Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What a day

So Monday I had to wake Austin up witch is unusual, he usually gets me up, I didn't think anything of it. I put him in the car and off we went to take Valerie to school. About 3mins into the trip (5 min total ride) Valerie starts screaming he's choking, he's choking!! I look back and see him getting sick but choking on it. There was no shoulder to pull over on so I started yelling at Valerie to get him unbuckled until I could get pulled over, then she started having a panic attack because she was so worried that she couldn't get him unbuckled (maybe 10 seconds here). I finally get the car pulled over help Austin, then calm Valerie down, and tell her she did a good job. What a start a kid choking, a kid with a panic attack and a dog trying to eat the... you know what all in one car. But it didn't stop there. After his episode in the car he was acting fine running, yelling, being a 2yr old. So I let him eat lunch. Then we had to pick Valerie up early for a doctors apt, so off we went. We get there fine, walk in and while I am checking Valerie in she screams again, here Austin was at my feet (I had no clue) getting sick again. All over the carpet. Of course it had to be carpet, not tile. I have never wanted to crawl under a table so much in my life. I could do nothing but watch everyone clean it up, when I felt I should be the one doing it. But then right after, there is Austin running around being his normal self. Lets just say I didn't let him eat dinner!

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