Saturday, March 14, 2009

Valerie's 1st baton competition

Today was Valerie's 1st competition she was really excited and did very well. She competed in 4 categories and took home a trophies for 2 of them. 1st place in marching for her age group, and 2nd place for solo routine for her age group. She can't wait to do another. It was a long day for Robbie and Mr. Huch who came up to see her. They arrived at 10:30am and and it was not over until 5:00pm, I unfortanitly had to work, so they won the best dad and grandpa award for the day, sitting on school bleachers for 6hrs. Rob took video and as soon as we figure it out we will post some. Yea Valerie, we are proud of you.

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