Monday, March 2, 2009

Poppy on the potty

We have been potty training Austin for about 3-4 weeks now, all is going pretty well except for #2. We have even upped the anti, we tell him that if he pops on the potty he gets a popsicle, so all day he runs around saying Pop on potty I get a popsicle, then he pops in his pants. So on Saturday we decided no pull ups, no big boy pants, nothing, all day he was walking around passing gas so we knew he had to go. But when we had to leave to go to Lillys birthday party we had to put clothes on him. We even had to leave Lilly's 1st birthday party because his gas had gotten so bad every couple mins. we thought he went in his pants. Sure enough when we got home he was watching a movie and he got up to sit on the potty all on his own and did his business. I know it was only one time, but much progress here in the Ickes/Huch household.

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