Sunday, August 26, 2012

First Grader

It's official Austin finished his first week in first grade. It went pretty well. At first he only had 1 kid in his class from last year but later found out one of his football buddies was in his class.

Last year the school asked parents to fill out a paper stating how your child learned. If he/she needed a well structured or more of a free environment. I was a little frustrated thinking they are the ones that know best. I'm sure he behaves differently at school than home. Anyway he got in trouble once last year. The trouble that he got into wasn't really anything much, he just decided he didn't want to sing a song. So I put free environment. I hope I didn't make the wrong choice. He got in trouble 2 times last week. Once for using outside voices inside and once for talking instead of listening. Each gave him a card. You have a chance for 3 cards once you get the 3rd card you have to right a letter home to your parent explaining why you got your card and what you can do better next time. I have already decided to share my thoughts this year and I will not fill out the paper, his current teacher will have a better idea than me!

We were not here for meet the teacher so I was able to walk him in the first day. If you look closely he is not as far behind in the height as he was last year. Yes still the smallest but the gap does not seem so big this year.

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