Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Savannah's big fall

So it has been pretty quiet around here...where the kids are concerned anyway. This was up till about a week ago. I was outside working on Savannah's birthday present and she wanted to ride her bike. This was middle of the afternoon with a heat index of 103! So I agreeded to help her start, but I would not chance her. That morning she just moved up from a 12inch to a 16 inch bike. She was on her first round and she turned really quick as I was screaming " your going to fall". She did just that! It was pretty nasty. By the time I got to her she was standing covered in blood crying in her pretty pink dress. It was 5 and I was stuck, unsure what to do. I called the after hours number. They stated if the blood stopped wait until the next morning. Savannah laid around watching movies refusing to eat. Finally right before bed she did eat some pudding. In the morning we made our round to the doctor and the dentist. Both amazed that she was riding he bike without training wheels. So for now we wait for another week before they decided if the tooth needs pulled. So far it looks pretty good. No signs that the dentist gave me are showing up. If you didn't know her teeth were pretty straight to begin with you would never know there was a problem. This past week she got back on!! For her birthday she got a full face helmet.

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