Thursday, August 9, 2012

Football has started

 Our first Football session has started.  We are about 1.5 weeks into it.  Austin seems to like it so far.  It's been a lot to get started because, you have to have so many practice hours in before your allowed to play in pads.

End of Day 1

 Running at the end of practice.

Gathering in to listen to Coach Steve.  He seems to be a good coach.  Doesn't take much from the kids, stern, but not to bad.  Defiantly intimidating. 
 Another end of practice run.  He does pretty well.  He is not the last one in.  He also is one of the only boys that does not come in huffing and puffing.  Biking probably helps with that.
 Learning a new drill

 Daddy was so proud on this drill.  I could hear him cheering Austin on as he was completing it.  It was something Austin never did before, but completed very well on his first try.
 When the boys don't listen or pay attention they must do some activity.  Here they were not answering the couch loud enough so they had to do push ups.  Lately its has been running around the cones...Which Austin had to do last night.
 Getting an Iced towel on Saturday.  He seemed to really like this and getting his head squirted with water during the break.

Coming in for a water break with daddy.

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