Thursday, August 30, 2012

We now have a 6 year old

Today my little man is 6! I can't believe it...
I can happily say Austin has moved past Mario!! He insist he still likes him just as much. It seems as though Skylanders is winning the battle though.

For 2 years he has been talking about a birthday at Ollie Koala's. It's pretty comparable to Chuk E Cheese. At the last minute he asked for an X box. Austin was given a choice of X box or Ollie Koala's. After much thought he chose the X Box but only if he could get Skylanders for that as well. So he had 3 friends up for cake and ice cream instead of a big party.
He seemed pretty happy that he had a Skylander kinda party.
For his birthday I made cup cakes with Skylander pictures on top that he took into school. For his cake at home I surprised him with a "portal of power" cake. And even better yet I surprised him with putting real Skylanders on top of the cake. These were the ones he has been saving his money for. If you look closely in the pictures when I brought the cake out his eyes became so big and a big smile when he realized they were "real". He chose not to have cake and ice cream or even open other presents. He wanted to get down and play his game.

You'll also see that we put trick candles on the cake. I was sure if it would upset him or give him a laugh. But thankfully he got a kick out of it.
Granny and Grampy got him 2 set of figures and some shirts. Papa and AMA got him his x box skylander game. We got him the x box. He got lots of cash this year from Nanny and Poppy, Weezy and His friends from down the street as well. This man loves cash! He is already talking about what skylander he can get next. His little buddy Josh was so sweet. He wrapped up one of his own Skylanders to give to Austin. He picked the one Austin had been wanting and saving for. I was glad we got it for him so Josh would take his back. Austin also got some pretty cute homemade cards.

He was sure to say thank you nice and big to the crossing guards this morning. It's something I have been working on with him for over a year. He said it was something a 6 year old should do today. Boy, I love that little man.
I think he had a great day!
He goes for his physical at the end of next month so well see how he is growing.
He still loves Bmx biking. Football is new this year, we will see how he likes it. Playing video games has become his favorite past time. Over the last three weeks his reading has become better, flowing pretty well and sounding the words out doesn't take so long.

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