Wednesday, June 9, 2010


This is an exciting week here in the Ickes of this time next week we will be back to the Ickes/Huch house!!!

We leave Sunday to pick Valerie up!!!! We all could not be happier, especially Austin. He asks sissy's school over...why sissy's school not over...can we get her it Sunday yet?

So Today Austin and I are making a count down calendar that he can cross off the days until we leave to get sissy.

I wonder if she knows how much that little guy just adores her and has missed her??

We can't wait to have her back, I know there will be some adjustments but I have missed having my baby (I know she is far from that now, but she will always be my baby) around! I know that I will be tested over the next couple of years but we will both be better for it.

Love and Miss you Valerie. We are glad you decided to come home to us.

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