Tuesday, June 29, 2010

running bases

The curve have kids run bases night, it is usually weekends. This past Sunday was the first time we have gone on the weekend. Last year Rob took Austin around the bases, but this year Austin wanted to do it all on his own. How freaked out was I!!

So the plan was Rob would take him to the beginning gate which is right across from 1st base and I would stand at the ending gate at base 3. Rob and Austin went to stand in line so early they were in front of the line...that is until Austin had to go pee!! You know Rob was not happy, Pap and I had to talk him down, so he would get back in line with Austin, this time at the end of the line! All in all it went pretty well, he seemed to get in-golfed at one point but kept on trucking with the kids.

Valerie had the choice to go to a friends house or come with us, she chose the friends house! What can you expect right? Savannah was a trooper and stayed up the entire time.

click on the pictures to really see them
giving diesel dog high 5

first kid in line (yellow shirt)

in line between white and green sign

first step on the field by himself

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