Saturday, June 12, 2010

Week in review

We sure did a lot this week, I felt like we were on the go all week.

On Tuesday Aunt Mel came to town. We were taking her to the Mega Bus on Wednesday in State College for her trip to New York. So anyway since she was in town we went to a Curve game Tuesday night. Pap was nice enough to get us tickets (Thanks Pap). It was a good time, the kids even lasted to the end of the game. I can't remember what time it ended, but it didn't start until 7p. Bed time is 8p, so they did really well.

I was going to post the entire week in this one post, but I think I will post one for each event.

So cute!

Eating chili cheese fries , well kinda. She would suck everything off and then put the frie back

This is a sign to show high restrictions for the steamer moon bounce. They were making fun of me, because technically if I wanted to I would be allowed to ride.

This is something new this year, even though he missed this one, He did hit many of them. The cone has air shooting up, holding the ball in mid air, while the kids tried to hit it with the bat.

Here is a picture of the moon bounce, maybe I will try to jump once this year just to see if they let me in.

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