Sunday, June 13, 2010

Our new friend

I am so over all these outside creatures making our home their home.

So we now have a snake living right outside our front door! I think Austin thinks it is cool, however I do not!

Last year we had a snake get in the house, and I fear because it is so close to the front door that it too will find it's way in!

Do you see it?? Right under the container

To give you an idea where it is at. I am kind of embarrassed with all the stuff outside the front door. But what makes me feel better is I can tell you to click on the picture and see what is all there...Did you? 99% of it are all tools, so it wasn't me! Daddy has promised after school this week to take care of it. He will be done for the summer session on Wednesday. He is so excited to have some time off.

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