Saturday, June 5, 2010

Memorial weekend

Isn't she just too cute!

Memorial weekend was a busy one here. Granny and Grammpy took Austin for the weekend, and we ended up their Monday for a pick-nick and to pick him up.

We had 2 parties on Saturday, one on Sunday and then one on Monday. I also worked over the weekend. so busy, but fun.

I do think that Granny and Grammpy's was the most interesting. Grammpy's son came over and a long with him he brought some things he has been working on learning. A unicycle, balls and something else he was using for juggling. It was like having our own little circus. Granny was the only one who tried the unicycle, but daddy and Aunt Mel tried to Juggle.

Later Grammpy, Austin and Dane played baseball.

He was playing so nice, well until the end he just got tired and didn't want to share anymore

doesn't daddy look good?

Having fun hiding in the bushes

Stephen on the unicycle

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