Sunday, June 13, 2010

Free concert

On the 3rd Thursday of every month starting in June Hollidaysburgh has free concerts in the diamond. So we thought we would take the kids and see what it was all about since Pap and Aunt Anita were going. You can bring lawn chairs, a cooler with whatever you want and hang out. The shops stay open late so you can get food or shop. It was nice.

This is something I really enjoyed. It reminded me of times when I was younger when my mom (Diane) would take us to do things like this. She use to always take us to listen to free music in the summer (at least I think she did, but if she didn't don't ruin the memory for me, even if she only did it one time...ok?).

I had fun dancing with the kids and they seem to have fun. Austin even made some friends. The kids were so tired the next day they both slept in. Savannah until 915 and Austin until 930.

I only posted this picture because all of Hollidaysburgh already saw me in it...did you ever leave the house in an outfit and think that you look ok and then you see pictures of your self and you ask "why didn't somebody tell me that the outfit was not so good on you???"

Having so much fun

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