Sunday, June 9, 2013

1st grade...I found more

After hours of going through phones and the computer I found more stuff from first grade...I knew we had more...
Fun run at the start of the year...He loves this day...

 Snow you can see no snow...they had an ice machine that made piles of ice and an ice slide.  I was perfectly ok with this.  This guy is someone who use to play for the Jaguars and now does camps for the kids.

Tree hill.  Field trip for the end of the year.  Daddy went on this one.

Field day.  I only got one picture because I volunteered for the day.  This was my station, relay...go down to the cone bring back the tennis ball hand off to the next person in line.   We did different ways down to the cone...this one is walking backwards...

Last day of schooll
 I went to help set up the red carpet and I came back to Pap helping at a station...He was caught off guard as he was just there to watch.  He had a good time though.  In this one the kids had to put a cookie on their forehead and work it down their face and in their mouth without it falling on the floor. 
 The kids had to blow the cup down with the straw and back.  I enjoyed Austin's opponent for this game...she come up to me and said "Austin's mom...You are pretty"
 The red carpet
The little girl...That called me pretty:)

 The kids had Vaseline on their noses and they had to transfer cotton balls without using their hands.
All Vaselined up and ready to play

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