Sunday, June 9, 2013

Mothers Day

I was pretty excited for Mothers Day this year.
Austin was all about planning something for me.  Up until now I had to always remind him Mothers Day was coming.  This year I kept hearing him talking to Savannah about wanting to do something for me. 
At one point he asked me if he took me to dinner could Daddy drive because he wanted to surprise me (I usually drive). 
So on Mothers day he gave me a book he made in school.  He and Savannah made me something out of his craft basket.  I love that he has supplies to make things from...Then time same and he took me to Clarks fishing camp.  It's a restaurant on the inter-coastal we have been to many times.  The kids love it because they have taxidermy all over, a live Alligator inside and you can feed the turtles and alligators in the open water. 

I guess anticipating big crowds they had face painting set up while you wait. 

It was a really nice day for me, even though I was missing my big kid!

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