Sunday, June 9, 2013


This year thanks to Beam and Poppy we did Disney again.  I'm just gonna put them into one post.  As I stay on top of the blog again more details and separate post will be better:)
I think it's funny how they say it's the happiest place on earth.  Each time we go I say I'm going to take real photos and show all the melt downs.  But to be honest since this trip in November the trips have gotten better. 

We have done more day trips this season than weekends...but we love it all the same.  It's nice because we are now doing different rides and seeing different parts of Disney. 

Savannah has become the ride Queen and the only thing holding her back is her height.  Austin doesn't want his sister to show him up so he usually goes but not with a big smile on his face. 

We went last weekend on June 2nd before our season ended for summer and it was a blast.  We now know where to park for free, how to use the fast passes to our advantage and the kids rode a roller coaster that Austin rode for the 1st time a year and a half ago that he said he never wanted to go on again...not once but 2 times

Pictures from November... This sits right outside of star wars in Hollywood studio's 
 Doing this training is so hard to get in...we got to the park using Magic an hr early then he didn't even get in until 4pm.  We did what we needed left went back to the room to get lunch and came back so he could do the training.
 Pretty happy little girl
 This was downtown Disney...They are from near Altoona!  Rob got pretty excited about it.

 We had a trip planned in March and it just happen to turn into the coldest weekend in Florida history.  The good part it wasn't overly crowded, the bad we lost all our orange and limes because we couldn't protect our trees since we were not home for the frost.

 This is at Animal Kingdome...pretty cool the kids had a blast and didn't want to leave once they found an area to dig up dinasor bones
 This guy is in Downtown Disney (they have different characters).  He moves and interacts with the person stand next to him
 We finaly took advantage of the Disney photo guys/girls that will take photos with your camera for free
 getting cold
 She didn't make it...and yes it was this cold.  By the end of the night both kids were tucked in and sleeping.  I usually take my sling so I can put her on my back for the bus ride since they can't stay in the stroller...but forgot it this night.  At this point it might be easier to carry Austin:)

Austin likes to dress up too.  Right now he only has Peter Pan and Buzz.  I think I'm gonna work on Jack Sparow (spelling)  for our trip in August.  Which they have both requested birthdays at Disney this year.
This is from a Day trip I took with the kids.  I was a little nervouse taking them by myself but it was a great day. 

June trip....


right after the roller coaster

If the weather is bad for Jeti training they take you on tour and you have your picture taken

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