Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer learning

This summer I have both kids writing in journals.  I tried this last year and Austin gave me such a hard time I just gave up.
We know writing is his weak point in school.  It has been since kindergarten.   So this year I told him his teacher said he could move to 2nd grade if he worked on his writing over the summer.
Last year I was trying to have him do it each night.  This year it is only 3 times a week.  Last year I didnt pay attention to lines, Capitols or punctuation.
This year I googled age appropriate spacing and stuff to get him thinking before he writes.
So far so good.  I only have him write 1-2 sentences. 
Savannah just wants to be a part.  Which is good.  So I made her a book with just her name.  I am hoping she can write her name for the start of the year. I have her name in dotted leters the first 2 lines, then have her try to write her name without any guidance.
They each have a book for a month then we will make more for each month.  I can't wait to see the progress.

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