Friday, June 7, 2013


Once again I am trying to play catch up.  It's pretty bad when I have to go back and look through facebook to see when things happened...I wish I was better at this.  All I can say is I want to try.  I just learned you can make a "year book" from your blog post and I would really enjoy having my post in a book for the kids to look at. 
Anyway, not too many pictures of Christmas, but some.
This was our first year without Valerie, she spent it in PA with her dad and his family.  We missed her lots!

My attempt at getting some nice photo's...Wish Danielle would come for a visit:)

 Austin either has this wonderful look or has moved to that awkward smile

daddy hard at work Christmas eve

Christmas morning
This was the first Christmas that the kids had woken up pretty early at our house.  Valerie never woke up too early usually 7.  I do think it was around 630 this you can see pretty dark out yet!

 Can't forget JoePa
 So excited over her Princess
This year was all about skylanders and Ninjago...I had no idea how much he likes legos until Christmas
 One happy Pup
 Just saying thanks
It was a nice Christmas, Bob was able to spend it with us which also meant I didn't have to cook:)   Our neighbors came for Dinner and the kids played way into the night while parents played some games and had adult beverages:) 
This year Santa brought us Elf on the shelf...Can't wait to see how this turns out

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