Saturday, June 8, 2013

Preschool for Savannah

This year Savannah went to Learning Ladders in Mandrian.  It part of a Methodist Church.  She really enjoyed it and making friends through out the year.
Ms. Martina picked her up most mornings, Savannah was not very happy if I had to take her.
Savannah went Tuesday/Thursday from 9-12:30.
It was nice that it was affiliated with a church. She had a Christmas program, prayed every day before lunch and several times she came home talking about Jesus.  In fact last night she was telling Austin Jesus heals your booboo's 

Pictures through out the year:

first day

 Thanksgiving feast
 Easter parade They all lost their hats by the end
 Walking with her buddy Gavin to class

Her last day with Mrs. Nancy (blond) and Mrs. Robin

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