Sunday, June 9, 2013

Bricks 4 kids

Our school district gets out early every Wednesday for teacher planning day.  So the school holds programs (at a fee) for kids to stay an extra hr for parents that work.  We didn't use it last year, but this year a lot of Austin's friends were doing Bricks 4 kids.  It's a company outside of school that comes into the school after hours.  We let him do it for a 6 week session and he loved it of course.  It's all about legos.  Each week they have different themes.  The session Austin was in was called heros.

We just had a branch open up about 5 miles from the house.  As a grand opening they had a durby race.  Kids came and got to build cars and race them.  They got to do 3 test runs and off they went.  Gavin from down the street went with Rob and Austin.  Austin's buddy Sebastian meet him there.  All 3 were out in the first run.  But it was 2 hours of building that the kids enjoyed.  They didn't have age groups which kinda stunk.  Rob said the judges called Austin's wrong and the girl that beat Austin went to the finals.  

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