Sunday, June 9, 2013

Savannah's 1st Dance recital

Savannah had her first Dance recital...they called it a showcase.  Basically they hold a small show during the day for the smaller children.  They hope it helps them get use to the big events of a true recital.  She did very well. 
Not to sure she will continue though.  She told me no about 2 weeks ago, but she is already missing it.  We are gonna wait and see.  Let her take the summer off and go from there.

 I think she liked this part best...getting all dolled up
 almost there

 Her teacher
I was the bad mom...I turned in the order form to late for her trophy.  But, I recovered.  I ordered one from a local place and got one in time.  She didn't even notice hers was different.  As it turned out most moms didn't order them anyway.  I was nervous not to order one since Austin has so many from biking. 

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